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Networking: Knowing people takes you places 05.08.2010
Jambo Wanafunzi! 03.08.2010
The Mezzo level – where everything comes together 03.08.2010
Following James Michener’s theory of travel 01.08.2010
Fun in Eldoret: Part 2 26.07.2010
Upward Mobility: Words from Women in Power 26.07.2010
A Realistic Look at International aidin Kenya's villages 17.07.2010
Thank you - Asante Sana 17.07.2010
Fun times in Eldoret/Moi University 16.07.2010
Family Around the World 15.07.2010
After Patience comes Amazing results! Finally making strides 13.07.2010
Eldoret from an American perspective 11.07.2010
Eldoret, Kenya - Home of Marathon Runners and good food :) 09.07.2010
No Place like Nairobi! 07.07.2010
Londontown!! 07.07.2010